Is it Snap Time Yet?


This unfettered rant has been brought to you by the incredulous rage that welled in me after reading this blog post.

Now, in the context of the free developed world, please consider the following :

  • It’s the 21st Century
  • Men want to engage in Penis-In-Vagina far more often than women do. In fact, let’s safely assume that around 95% of the time, men are either initiating it, paying for it, or stealing it.
  • Porn is, at its least offensive, disrespectful to women and disregards their right to pleasure and comfort. At its worst it is violent and degrading and the female actors are in extreme physical pain / on drugs / coerced into performing against their will. But it’s nigh on impossible to find a straight man who does not watch porn.
  • Prostitution encourages the idea that female bodies can be bought and sold and used, and prostitutes are (much more often than not) vulnerable, exploited, traumatised and abused. Yet, a huge percentage of men visit prostitutes.
  • Sexism + Misogyny = Ubiquitous
  • Pedophilia = pandemic
  • Rape = pandemic
  • Sex slavery = pandemic

Therefore, doesn’t it seem crazy and outrageous that:

  • Women generally bear the majority of the responsibilities and consequences of PIV (pregnancy, disease, birth control & its side effects)
  • Women’s reproductive rights, particularly abortion rights, are being eroded left right and centre.
  • Rape sentences are measly and the trials are often made ridiculously difficult for the victim.
  • Pedophilia sentences are measly, if the pedophiles even get caught in the first place.
  • Despite all of the above, many women are still pandering to the (increasingly degenerate) desires of many men.
  • Despite all of the above, many women still trust and want to marry and have kids with many men.

Doesn’t it? Seem crazy and outrageous?

Can we all please agree that this state of affairs = fucked?

Or is it just me?

Are so many women really so influenced by biology, culture and the media that they can’t see the simple truth – that lots of men very often commit violent, cruel, horrible acts against women and children?

Are so many women really so influenced by biology, culture and the media that they still want to engage in PIV + marriage + have kids with + everything else that makes them vulnerable to / cohabit with men of dubious character, despite all the evidence showing males (the good ones aside) are not to be trusted as a sex?

On a side note, why am I labelled a “radical feminist” for simply pointing out what is obviously true, and obviously bad? I should be called a realist. Because my beliefs and opinions aren’t theories. I am simply stating what I see happening right in front of my eyes, every day.

But I digress. The point of this post is that women don’t have to put up with this. They don’t have to keep pandering to increasingly degenerate male desires, and they certainly don’t have to keep trying to please unfeeling, ungrateful men. Not in the free, developed world.

If only all the good women in the free developed world would collectively wake up + unanimously agree to the need for it, they could very easily stand together and support one another in making the following ultimatum – and it would be successful:


  • Sex = clit-centric female pleasure.
  • Porn is at least 10,000 degrees more respectful towards women. And if it isn’t, then you will be ostracised for watching it.
  • Abortion is legal (and/or paid for/supported by the government)
  • Prostitution is illegal (with penalties for the buyers)
  • There are harsher sentences and swifter trials for rapists and pedophiles, and
  • Birth control becomes the responsibility of men (or free!)
  • < Insert any missing but necessary demands here >

It’s just that simple. Good women in the free, developed world need to hold back from loving men and demand that the good men front up and help us fight, and demand better treatment and more respect across the board – until the developed world is a better place for women and children.

History has taught us that if we keep tolerating misogyny and everything thatĀ  shit, they are just going to keep dishing it out. They just don’t care. Asking them nicely to treat women and children better has not worked. Because, in case you haven’t noticed, lots of themĀ  just keep raping kids.

Clearly, it’s time for an ultimatum.

It’s time women collectively snapped the fuck out!

And if women in the developed world were able to make that kind of ultimatum successfully, imagine what a worldwide, large-scale female vs male ultimatum could achieve. We might actually be able to finally free our enslaved, abused sisters in developing countries.

No more love until there’s:

  • No more rape. At all. You will respect the right of all women to be left alone, or you will be castrated!
  • No more pedophiles. Any child rapists are killed as soon as they are caught.
  • No more war. All the stupid, violent boys are going to have to put away their expensive war toys and stop destroying the world. Because Mummy said so! *smack*
  • No more religion.
  • No more Patriarchy :)

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      • well I know of at least two more, then there’s these guys

        Partly I think it’s really important to flag these people up because it proves that men don’t have some biological drive that “makes” them watch porn which is what pro porn people so often argue

          • yeah, I still don’t as a rule trust men, or like many of them, or often let them close to me but I think for ultimatums such as you have outlined to work we do need to be able to point to some men and say “look these people are not arseholes”

            Thanks for that link, I’d never seen it before.

    • I had to reply down here, because we were heading into Babushka doll territory up there.

      I personally struggle with knowing quite a few men who are genuinely lovely and nice and good. I am not a man hater at all (even though this post may make it seem so).

      But even then, they aren’t radical feminists and they don’t care about these issues like I do.

      We need to find a way to get the nice guys to care more, to fight with us. I think an ultimatum like the one above – asking them to sign a massive petition demanding harsher penalties for rape and paedophilia would be a good start. And then, fight with us against misogyny, sexism, and all the rest.

      And if they don’t step up and start fighting for women’s rights, then they don’t get as much love from us. I think that is a very fair ultimatum.

      • yeah I would kick a man out of my life for not signing that ultimatum if he was asked too. i mean I don’t give men any chances, If they mess up once that’s it, they don’t get anything from me, and that’s all men not just partner type men and to be honest most men fall at the first hurdle because men generally not do respect women’s personal space and do that thing of trying to hug you or kiss you on the cheek when saying hello or goodbye and then they get buthurt about it when you move away and tell them you don’t want them to touch you.

  1. Thanks for the links to other articles, very informative. I felt my chest tighten and my body begin to shake when I read the last one about the requirement for the DreamBoard child porn ring that images include distressed and crying children. If it’s true that most offenders were abused themselves as children, then the horrific thing is that those same crying, distressed children are statistically more likely to go on to offend themselves as adults. And so the cycle of abuse continues.

    Let’s capitalise on this healthy anger and shake the world until it hears us. Let’s see this done in our lifetime.

    • I so badly want to see something change in my lifetime, or at the least help set a great ball in motion …..

      I can see that there is a quite large (and growing) group of us who feel the same way. I think we need to take inventory of our collective skills and resources and see if we can’t come up with something ‘smashing’.

      I’m thinking a No More Pussy campaign might even be ‘sexy’ enough to attract some FunFems. And it can cover so many different things (no more sex, no more of girls taking shit like pussies, and more calling it a pussy, either!)

      p.s. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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